Week 1 Masterkey

Just the past few weeks I have observed my attitude dropping immensely.  I shared with my sponsor and a couple of friends that I feel like I have given so much, yet have nothing to show for it regarding my team in my biz.  I am tired of sponsoring and training quitters, drifters, and non-committal people.  I want leaders on my team.

I started listening to “The One Minute Presentation”  by Big Al again.  I got a new spark of life in my brain again.  It truly is in ME.  I have to change ME to attract the people I want/need for my purpose to come about.

I pushed myself to do a vendor show yesterday.  No energy, tired, pushing a smile.  I asked God for the people HE wants on my team, in my life….to send them my way.  I kept pushing on with the hours slowly clicking by.  I did my job, got home, ate and rehydrated, then crashed for an hour.  Re-evaluating my results with the people I met and notes taken during the day, I noticed 5 people wanted info on my biz.  Not so bad.  Excited to start the week off tomorrow with some rest today and renewed energy from our Masterkey webinar I listened to today.

Our assignment is to blog every week.  Not sure what to blog….good to get my feelings out about how I feel about my biz.  I know getting back to ready my DMP daily, along with the Scrolls from “The Greatest Salesman” will change my blueprint.  I have to do it daily, with enthusiasm to break out of my cement I have let myself be drug down to again.  Back in a routine, back in a rut.  No more….the enemy has had enough of my time and attitude.  Back up on the horse.

I am thankful for my family, dogs, trials, frustrations, tests, work, business, changes, resources, classes, friends, refocus, time to rest and be still–forcing the body and mind to work together, growth, skills, technology, wisdom, cooler weather=good excuse to stay inside and work on this and other reading, my Savior, my Creator, breath, running water, electricity, and so much more.

A new start, a new day, a new ME.