Go 90 Grow LIVE

No words can explain!  Loving the workbook and 30 day plan of action and review of our sessions.  It is an experience that you have to take once you have done the online class.

It was so fun to see Mark and Davene in their own setting, doing what they do best=TEACH.  The sessions were engaging, interesting, and educational.  I ran into Mark frequently around the hotel and got to visit more one on one.  Our scheduled one on one was a reality check=I need to SET my hours and SET and KEEP my minimum daily contacts to succeed in this biz!  No matter what my thoughts and feelings and no matter what my company/products.  It is a MUST.

So how are you going to succeed in YOUR biz?  All of the hype and quotes won’t get us there.  The work must be done and tracked daily and weekly.  If you take a day off, take a day off.  Don’t make excuses or think about your work while resting or playing.  Set the time and keep it set.

Seeing you at the top!