Deanna Becket Press Release

Chris and Deanna at their home

Chris and Deanna at their home

Deanna Becket, a native North Dakotan, just took up residence in FL Keys, FL, after reaching the top level of her company. She helped 5 leaders earn that same title and coached 10 others to the level next to that. This means thousands of families and individuals with financial abundance/freedom and at peace with their time.

She is married to Chris, a pilot and brewmaster with _____Brewery–the brewery known for its organic great taste, quality, and integrity all over the world.
She has traveled all of Europe, building her strong teams, touring and living there for more than a year. Her and Chris stay mostly on their yacht, but find time to visit lots of inland cities and countryside, staying in B&B’s and hotels.  Their favorite spot has been Tuscany, Chris’ pick a long time ago, when they lived FT in SD.
They have funded their grandchildren’s education and home ownership. With their legacy, they are able to support 2 full time missionaries who are reaching people in Japan and leading them to Christ.
They have set up the Have a Habit Foundation that trains leaders to develop and discipline their good habits to outdo their bad habits.  Deanna trains them the daily disciplines she has implemented over the past 20 years to overcome, outdo, and rise above the petty daily chaos.  Deanna has been training audiences of over 10,000 people. She is living her dream of being on stage 2x/mo training skills so people grow, not JUST get inspired. Mostly training leaders, she teaches them to train their teams the habits needed to grow, serve, and have powerful influence.  She was recently asked to speak on stage with her 3 J mentors: Joyce Meyer, John Maxwell, and Joel Osteen.

John Maxwell interviewed her and her husband this week sitting outside of their home on their warm, shaded, tinted-concrete patio just hundreds of feet from the clear ocean edge.  They offered one of their personally brewed beers from their growing brewery.  The couple is totally relaxed and look half their age.  As we were sitting outside, we could smell the coconut oils from the neighboring sunbathers.  It was refreshing and reminded us of the tropics.  Deanna served up some fresh fruit and homemade breads.  After waiting for the boats to pass by on the water, we continued our conversation.

John:  “Deanna, you mentioned that you have created daily habits and specific mental exercises to grow your success.  Tell us some you would like to share and how long you have been doing them.”

Deanna:  “I cannot take the credit for creating them.  They all come from dozens of mentors’ books and teachings.  I have been listening to Joyce Meyer since my kids were teeny, reading your books (giggling) since they were preschool, and listening and reading Joel since they were middle school.  I affiliate my learning with my kids’ ages, because I was lead to listen and read/learn along with my kids’ and what we needed in our lives.  We homeschooled them from birth through high school.  I was introduced to a few books when the kids were in high school.  ‘Old’ authors, but I had never picked up their books before:  OG Mandino and Napoleon Hill.  The Greatest Salesman and Think and Grow Rich.  I had heard of the books for decades, and never had the desire to seek them out.  While taking a couple of trainings from back in 2014, I got the opportunity to learn the importance of reprogramming the subconscious and controlling the thoughts and words from my brain and mouth.  The class started out with a 6 month commitment, and I took it to a lifestyle change and kept going.  I am into our 6th year.  I believe it is paying off.  Loving our lifestyle and being able to help all that we do.  Specifically, I read the Greatest Salesman aloud 3 times every day, just as instructing.  O am also listening to my DMP and reading aloud multiple times a day.  It’s very common to be exercising while I am listening.  I make promises of daily tasks, read them 3x/day, and COMPLETE them.  For example, ‘I promise to follow up with 5 people daily’ and ‘I promise to compliment 2 people daily’.”

John:  “Chris, what do you think of all this?”

Chris:  “I thought she was crazy at first: with all of the out loud reading, recording her DMP and playing it constantly.  We have gone through this all before, but then it would phase and we would be back to ‘normal.’  In many business trainings, conferences, and excitement, she would get motivated for many weeks, doing similar things, then that excitement would fade into the daily grind until another event 9-12 months later.  I thought this was another ‘come and go thing’ when she signed up for the Skills Training.  It was good, then the MKMMA came along and it has stuck.  The vision, the habits, the positivity, even the kids are catching it.  I remember saying, “I can’t wait for the fruit of all of this ‘talk’ to mature and we can see all of it.”  I really don’t mind living on HER income now!  So glad to have had to listen to Scrolls and DMPs and Gal in the Glass night after night after night.  It has and is paying off.”

View from their oceanfront home

View from their oceanfront home

John: “Deanna, I know you own and have read many of my books, which ones stand out and what habits have you formed from them?”

Deanna: “Thinking for a Change was my first book from your collection and got me started on the self improvement path. It opened my eyes to learning and practicing right thinking, plus making time for thinking. Developing the Leader in You was my first CD with you reading it. I have to say I enjoy listening to you talking live better!  I attended Joyce Meyer’s Mind, Mouth, Mood, &Attitude women’s conference where you were a guest speaker. We listen to that DVD all the time…your section is the most watched and worn out!”

John: “What other books are you addicted to? What is on your nightstand now?”

Deanna: “Magic of Thinking Big,  OG’s Salesman II, and Outwitting the Devil by Hill. I’m really addicted to OG’s Salesmans books….I read them daily and still growing with them. I love the ‘old’ authors that have stood time and their teachings are proven true in today’s economy and work world.

John: “What would you tell other upcoming entrepreneurs how to succeed?

Deanna: “Train your brain daily. Take time to be still for 30 minutes both morning and evening.  Think on purpose.  Schedule thiking and planning time. Dream and believe that your dreams will come when you keep speaking, visualizing, and putting actions toward it.”


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